Experience Gallery

Steel Adaptors

Usually made of stainless or regular carbon steel. Used to connect two mechanical moving parts in heavy-duty engines.

It could be transmission to engine or clutch; 14” in diameter, 1.5” in height and weighs about 50 pounds. There is intricate precision machining inside of the ring and it is built from casting. Some of the inside bore area is (+/-) .001” ID, with a flatness under .005”.

Belleville Springs

A big spring that is used on GM buses and is 16” in diameter. A lot are made for several different applications, particularly in mining. We must design for tensile, load curve and deflection. It is necessary to make and manage the load differential.

Several springs can be used together in parallel or in a series to sit on top of one another for an increased load. In aerospace applications, the spring goes against worm gear to back out of a direct connection and stops it from going backwards. It is a 4” spring that plays a critical role in preventing a turbojet from failure in a C-130 Hercules cargo plane.

Aluminum & Steel Gear Housings

We use a process called the “Grob”.

Owning two of the largest machines in the world, we make the largest housings in the world at 13” to 14”. They can be used for generator drive systems, like a DC engine motor connected to a generator, where you might want to use one of these in between. Can be used in a lot of applications such as transmissions, brakes, etc., and our dimensional controls are phenomenal.

They are now being produced mainly for transmission applications.


This is the main collector for the C-130 Hercules engine. It forces air into the engine to help start the turbo, with its initial kick. Made with stainless steel, they are handwoven to aerospace standards.

It displaces air or gas; air comes in and then is pushed through the bottom. It runs at 1800 degrees and does not deform during the process.

Complex Sheet Metal & Steel

This is a true piece of machining art. There are six components combined into this one part and it touches all departments. This is a nose piece that fits onto the transmission of the M1 tank. Veins are formed in the punch press department; there is a vein spot-welded around the inside lip of the part, and a tube running through it. This piece is approximately 15” in diameter creates pressure to signal the transmission to shift into the next gear.