Quality Assurance

Product and process quality has been our number one goal at Styberg since our founding in 1927. We have received numerous awards and recognitions as a quality supplier. These include a growing list of quality certifications from satisfied customers as diverse as billion-dollar transmission clients to recognition from the United States government for services rendered during the Mid-East conflict.

As of October 2013, Styberg has scored a perfect 100 on a supplier audit. This is the first time this company has handed out such a high score and it has added more jobs with Styberg. With a blend of all customers, Styberg’s Quality rating is over 96% with a PPM of less than 4 and delivery average of 99%.

Our quality starts with our employees. They understand that they are the customer’s eyes and ears. If there is an issue, the operators stop everything until the issue is resolved. Our employees also use statistics and process control plans to prevent quality problems before they happen.

Our skilled team of employees are trained to execute a strict level of quality assurance, verified by reliable capability and process controls, including:

  • Statistical process quality program

  • Computerized optical measuring comparator

  • Computerized gage control

  • Magnetic particle inspection

  • Two-coordinate measuring machines

  • Metallurgical laboratory

  • Fluorescent penetrant inspection

  • Spring load-deflection measurement and recording

Quality is the Styberg Guarantee

Styberg has been a unique contract manufacturer of metal parts, assemblies and prototypes for a wide range of original equipment manufacturers for over 75 years. With a complete line of metal working machines and processes, we can produce difficult components that require many diverse process operations all under one roof.

We have a diverse array of metal working machines and manufacturing processes and a full inspection department. Styberg are a one-stop shop. By not having to ship product in and out, we can reduce lead time, eliminate additional cost of another vendor and help maintain a timely production schedule compliant with your needs. We will work with you during the entire manufacturing process to ensure the quality and specifications of your project are met.

Quality Certifications from Satisfied Customers